Fairtrade Fortnight 2020 is fast approaching. This campaign aims to connect Fairtrade producers and consumers and raise awareness on the mission the Fairtrade Foundation pursues: to ensure farmers and growers are paid fairly for their work. This year, Fairtrade Fortnight will take place between 24 February and 8 March with lots of proposed initiatives, events and activities anyone can join or even organise.

Everyone plays a role

Customers. You can shop local… and Fairtrade. Browse the supermarket aisles to find items with the Fairtrade mark. Many franchises and small independent cafes serve Fairtrade coffee, chocolate, sugar and tea. Some fashion boutiques stock garments made with Fairtrade cotton. Ask your local jewellers if they trade Fairtrade gold, silver or other precious metals.

Retailers. If you already trade any of these products, make sure your customers know. You are the best ambassador to explain what Fairtrade is about and why you chose it. There are a lot of things you can do during Fairtrade Fortnight, including a special display with Fairtrade products, a tasting session, a fundraising box, etc. Check out the official Fairtrade Fortnight brochure for more ideas.
If you are a retailer or run a restaurant or café and want to start stocking, selling or serving Fairtrade products, take a look at the National Fairtrade Purchasing Guide to find a supplier. Food, drinks, flowers and cotton with the Fairtrade mark can be found in it.
Small jewellers, goldsmiths and silversmiths can register in this scheme to start trading ethically sourced Fairtrade precious metals.

Employers. As an employer, your role in raising awareness on fair trade among your employees is vital. You can start by stocking Fairtrade coffee, sugar, tea, juices or snacks in the workplace. For Fairtrade Fortnight, businesses can take the opportunity to highlight this through their internal communications channels or even organising a story bombing event.

Find out more about Fairtrade Fortnight and how to take part in it (whether you are a customer, a retailer or an employer) with an array of resources, ideas and stories to better understand and celebrate the campaign.

Fair trade in North Lanarkshire

Three towns in North Lanarkshire already have the status of Fairtrade Town. Airdrie, Motherwell and Wishaw met a number of requirements set by the Fairtrade Foundation to achieve this recognition, showing that their communities are invested in the cause.

Across the whole of North Lanarkshire, community groups, primary schools and high schools have also demonstrated a great interest in learning more and promoting the principles and values behind fair trade. Pupils engage regularly in these activities and many education centres are undertaking special events and initiatives to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight.

With the efforts and support of its various towns, communities, retailers and employers North Lanarkshire aims to become a Fair Trade zone and join the other 27 Scottish local authorities that have already achieved this status, working together towards making Scotland a Fair Trade nation.